Divoom iTour-20 : Mobile/Tablet Speaker


Kode Produk:Divoom iTour-20 : Mobile/Tablet Speaker

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Harga: Rp.120,000

An everyday speaker for every occasion
Dont let this ping-pong ball device fool you; it is an ideal
companion to IPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows
phones.This ultra compact speaker delivers fabulous audio
effects with the function of expandable resonance chamber.
Link-link design, rainbow colors and built-in rechargeable
lithium-ion batter offer you a 6-hours exceptional audio-visual
feast seamlessly.

 Pocketsize Portability: Small enough to carry around on
   a daily-basis
* Vacuum bass: small in size but big in bass
* Features high-quality micro driver for superior audio quality
* In-built rechargeable battery: cost efficient & dail convenience
* 360-degree sound field: integrates a cone design with a
   custom-built speaker to project sound in all directions
* Link-link design to have an unlimited lound sound by
    simple connection

Total RMS Power:     2.8 Watts
Total peak power:     10 Watts
Speaker:     36mm micro speaker,4 Ohm
Frequency response:     100Hz-20kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio:     > 85dB
Distortion:     <0.5%
Battery voltage:     3.7V
Battery capacity:     300Mah
Battery charging voltage:     4.2V+ - 0.05V
Charge time:     DC(2.5 hours) USB 4 hours
Speaker dimensions:     80 L x 60 W x 32 H(mm)


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